Our aim is to create a solution that caters directly to the needs of our clients. We have proven, off the shelf packages that cater to major theatres, but our true strength lies in working with our clients to develop new solutions for any eventuality.


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thebigword’s Defence & International Security Division provides support across 300 languages around the clock and has more than 1,200 professional linguists deployed in theatres worldwide.


thebigword Translation Management System provides faster translation turnaround, better value and the highest translation quality results for reliable information accuracy. By using a multi-faceted workflow designed for speed and accuracy.

Language Teaching and Training

thebigword can provide bespoke courses to you and your team to learn a new language or improve your skills in an old one. these courses will be delivered by instructors with specified qualifications and experience.

Cultural Advice and Training

Helping you to bridge the gap between military personnel and the communities in which they operate, thebigword can provide essential advice on how to interact with local people. The aim of each package is to ensure that all team members can hit the ground running and carry out their work with minimal obstacles.