In an environment where there can be no ambiguity in translated content and highly confidential information must be protected at all times, only the smartest and most secure translation technology available should be trusted. Our Translation provision offers a fast, cost effective and well managed service for every type of document you might have.

thebigword Translation Management System (TMS Gateway) is your route to faster translation turnaround, better value and the highest translation quality results for reliable information accuracy. It also features the Highly Secure Translation Editor (HSTE), the ultimate defence against file theft or leakage as it allows a linguist to translate content from their own computer while preventing any detail being moved from the secure editor, or copies saved.

Translation Services can be delivered at your site, on our site or in-country.

Access to qualified and specialist translators with industry specific knowledge who are cleared to Secret and Top Secret.

thebigword can support all volumes of translation projects using unique language technology to provide flexible and efficient solutions with fast turnaround times.

All translations are completed within our highly secure Translation Management System – the most secure system in the marketplace.

Cost effective solutions utilising translation memory software to help make savings, while turning your work around faster than ever before.

Full training package is delivered to the translators including customer brand awareness, customer style and our expectations.

Cultural advisory service can be applied to each translation. The adviser will identify any potential cultural issues for the target audience.