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Cultural Advice Training and Role Playing

Helping you to bridge the cultural gap between military personnel and the communities in which they operate, thebigword can provide essential advice on how to interact with local people, share critical knowledge on the region, its tradition's, ritual's and key do’s and don’ts. This eliminates the risk of causing offence or inciting tension within a given community.

Our training packages are entirely bespoke – they are built entirely dependent on what you need. Whether it is simple learnings of a specific country or if it’s providing on site role playing services to build realistic training programmes, we can do this.

All of our cultural awareness training packages cover three essential parts:

Basic language training

Cultural awareness

How to use an Interpreter and role playing

The aim of each package is to ensure that all team members can hit the ground running and do their work efficiently and effectively by being comfortable in their surrounding environments.

Modules will cover some or all of the following:

The Definition of Culture: The course starts by introducing culture and asking learners what culture means to them. This makes sure learners have a shared understanding prior to continuing.

Culture and Life: Learners build up a rounded view of all the different aspects of life upon which culture can impact. Including subjects such as history, religions, customs and gestures.

Personal Culture Awareness: Learners start their cultural journey by focussing on their own culture, what it means to them and what they see as important.

Cultural Differences around the World: A look at some of the typical and not so typical cultural differences from around the world to demonstrate how they differ.

All packages range from 1- 15 days depending on use of role play and number of attendees.